Much of what you’ve been told about SEO and Online Marketing is wrong…

…or at least a fiddly waste of time.

Dear business owner,

Do you feel like you are missing the one piece of the puzzle that will turn your website into a traffic machine and will grow your business?

Your Are Not Alone!

It can be every business owner’s reoccurring nightmare.

You’ve poured hundreds… if not thousands… of dollars into building the “perfect” website. You have great products, or a great service.

Yet you lay awake at night, wondering, after all that expense and effort…

“Why In The World Doesn’t My Website
Deliver More Business?”

…there’s something keeping them from dealing with you. Instead, they are going to your competitor’s website!

So what is that mysterious roadblock?

It’s Your Online Marketing Strategy!


Every Successful Online Marketing Campaign Relies On Two Factors:

  • A well-crafted, tried–and–true strategy.
  • A systematic way to implement it.


What Industry Experts & Clients Say About MDZ

adrianTraffic is increasing at about 80% per month and has been for the last 2 months. Our rankings are increasing, also the number of keywords getting found on Google has also dramatically improved. Thanks Manny!”
Adrian Harrison, AJH Trade Group,
“…under 6 months we saw 77% of our keywords on page 1.

If your business has been struggling for rankings in a post panda/penguin world, then I can’t recommend MDZ highly enough”

Cris Sturrock, solutions3 ltd, SF, USA.
63% increase in website leads and 61% increase in email subscribers!

Before you hire an SEO who will use risky and ineffective tricks on your site, please give Manny a shot. His strategy really really works!”

Heather Eazar«CEO of a Resumes online provider, Cincinnati, OH.»

Manny’s MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ is based on a model-centric approach to business. He built his strategy by focusing on the 5 most critical steps that every successful business needs.

The secret to Manny’s success is due to his tried–and–true strategy and the systematic way he goes about implementing it.

As a business analyst, I can tell you that Manny’s strategy is, by far, the clearest path to business success I’ve seen.

Daniel De Leon, Business Analyst , Toronto, CANADA

This strategy works! Period.

Why am I so confident my MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ will deliver results?

Because I’ve gotten great results in the most blood-thirsty markets.

Mortgage rate: 270 MILLION competing sites.

Credit cards: almost half a BILLION results.

When asked for help in both these markets, I knew it would be the truest test of my MDZ 5-Step Strategy™.

How did my system fare in this brutal test?


Case Study 1

Industry: credit card/mortgage arrrow-new
6 months of work
94,547 monthly visitors!
75 keywords at top 10 positions on Google
29 keywords at #1 position on Google
100’s of new leads!


Case Study 2

Client: drivers records
Industry: drivers records arrrow-new
6 months of work
77,468 monthly visitors!
85 keywords at top 10 positions on Google
25 keywords at #1 position on Google
100’s of new leads!


If my MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ can get bottom-line results in those two blood-thirsty markets, I’m confident I can help you achieve your business goals as well.

MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ VS Regular SEO


It is not your regular $99 SEO service.
It is not just about getting backlinks.
It is not just about getting rankings.

Regular SEO is focused solely on getting you links and some rankings in Google. These are the $100 to 299/month, dimestore SEO consultants who uses tricks, spam and do not have a clear and proven strategy. If you don’t mind irritating the mighty Google gods by using tricks and spammy tactics that they will eventually “slap” you for and you don’t mind putting all your eggs in one basket (relying on Google only), regular SEO might be right for you.


MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ is a Supercharged SEO Strategy

This strategy is designed to do what your business really needs:

MORE Traffic and MORE Leads.


Think about this…

Nothing happens online without traffic and leads.

You can’t generate leads without traffic.

And you most definitely can’t sell your own products or services without leads.

MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ Protects Your Investment

With regular SEO all your traffic is from Google. But with MDZ 5-Step Strategy™, you get your traffic from Google plus 24 other free traffic sources. MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ taps into a whole universe of traffic that most SEO consultants don’t know how to access.

We Do Things Differently:

Step 1: We make sure your website has the technical foundation to succeed online:

  • Accessibility.
  • Indexability.
  • On-Page Ranking Factors.
  • Off-Page Ranking Factors.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Keyword Analysis.
  • Keyword Ranking Strategy.


Step 2: We increase your website’s authority and trust:

  • 3-layer linking strategy: We bring high quality links to your site that.
  • social signals: Likes and shares are strong trusted signals.
  • Citations: websites mentioning your NAP(name, address, phone).
  • Create relationships: with authoritative bloggers in your market.
  • Website’s User Interaction: how the user interact with your content.


Step 3: We create multiple traffic channels:

  • Internally: by using content on your site with our FA & LLA strategy.
  • Externally: by using the best free traffic sources available.


Step 4: We transform your site into a self-sustained ecosystem.

We do not stop after we achieve your goals, our focus is on always keep growing your business and to do that we transform your site into a self-sustained ecosystem that it is able to feed all the traffic channels we created for you before, and the most important part is that it will make each traffic channel that otherwise will only bring traffic for a set of keywords, to keep ranking them for new keywords in the future. It is hard to explain this, so please give me a call and let me explain in more details how powerful this strategy is.

Step 5: We use web analytics to monitor and improve your strategy.

We analyze the traffic and site-usage-behavior to find out what is working and what needs to be improved.

(click here to read more about how we do it…)


This is the exact system that I have personally used to build my SEO services company, my brand, and many other online businesses that I own and operate as well as helping a selected group of clients for more than 12 years around the world.

And today you can have it done for you

I am so confident MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ will deliver results to your bottom line…

And that’s why I’ll refund your money if you are not 100% happy with my work.



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