“This Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™ Helps You Get More Traffic and a Large Volume Of Highly Targeted Leads.”


Manny ZarateDear business owner,

My name is Manny Zarate and I’ve set aside some time to personally design an advanced online marketing campaign for you, for FREE.


You Probably Wondering, Why Would We Do This?

Well, in the interest of full transparency, This is how we get clients.

See, instead of trying to convince you of how great it is to work with us…

I prefer to help you in advance, for FREE, and let the value of that experience do the “selling” for me.

After you get your blueprint, one of these three things will happen:

1) You will do nothing with it.

2) You might decide to implement the blueprint yourself (if that is the case, I’ll be happy to have helped you).

3) The third (and most common) scenario is you are so thrilled with the blueprint that you ask to become a client

MDZ Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™: a well defined marketing plan for growing online businesses.

MDZ Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™ is significantly different from what most people are doing. It doesn’t involve shoot-from-the-hip guesswork, and it doesn’t have the excitement and appeal of magic buttons.

In fact, in many respects it looks a lot like hard work. It requires intelligence, experience, craft, and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. But experience has shown that it works, time and time again.

This strategy is designed to do what your business really needs:

MORE Traffic and MORE Leads.

Think about this…

Nothing happens online without traffic and leads.

You can’t generate leads without traffic.

And you most definitely can’t sell your own products or services without a large volume of highly targeted leads.

A Good Marketing Strategy Is More Than Just Google

With regular SEO all your traffic is from Google. But with MDZ Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™, you get your traffic from Google plus 24 other free traffic sources. This strategy taps into a whole universe of traffic that most SEO consultants don’t know how to access.

Here’s What Happens When We Decide To Work Together

We begin by listening to you. We find out what your challenges are, your sales goals, and what you want to accomplish.

Then we take everything you’ve told us and we use it to design a custom marketing strategy that’s specific to your business.

Here Is What We Do Next.

First, we take the campaign we designed for you and then we actually build it for you from scratch.

This is 100% custom build…specifically for you. And it’s build in-house. Nothing is outsourced, and all the work is done under my direct in-person supervision here in my office.

That means we build all your traffic channels, all your content marketing strategy, your content multipliers, your link magnets, your social media presence, videos, Facebook pages, guess blogging, comment marketing, etc, etc.

And then we go ahead and integrate everything for you so it just works.

Here Are The 5 Steps To Success Online

Step 1: Take care of all the “tech stuff”.

  • Your Website Accessibility.
  • Your Website Indexability.
  • Your On-Page Ranking Factors.
  • Your Off-Page Ranking Factors.
  • Analyze Your Competitors.
  • Analyze Your Target Customers.
  • Create A Keyword Ranking Strategy.


Step 2: Increase your website’s authority and trust:

toronto seo

  • 3-layer linking strategy: We bring high quality links to your site that.
  • social signals: Likes and shares are strong trusted signals.
  • Citations: websites mentioning your NAP(name, address, phone).
  • Create relationships: with authoritative bloggers in your market.
  • Website’s User Interaction: how the user interact with your content.


Step 3: transform your website into a traffic machine:

  • Internally: by creating a content marketing strategy on your site with our FA & LLA strategy.
    (Content marketing is the core of our entire marketing strategy)
  • Externally: by using the best free traffic sources available.
  • Free Traffic Sources Inbound Marketing


Step 4: Transform your website into a lead generation machine.

Here is where you make more sales, grow your business and put more money into your bank account. In order to make more sales you need to get a large volume of highly targeted leads. The bes way to do this is by creating your sales funnel. This sales funnel has a lead magnet, a way to capture their personal information (name and email), an auto responder sequence (to transform the leads into sales).

Step 5: Set up and use web analytics to monitor and improve your strategy.

We analyze the traffic and site-usage-behavior to find out what is working and what needs to be improved.

So all you do is let us design and implement your online marketing strategy and you’re off to the races.

Why am I so confident my Online Marketing Blueprint™ will deliver results for you?

Because I’ve gotten great results in the most blood-thirsty markets.

Mortgage rate: 270 MILLION competing sites.

Credit cards: almost half a BILLION results.

When RateSuperMarket.com asked for help in both these markets, I knew it would be the truest test of my Internet Traffic Blueprint™.

How did my system fare in this brutal test?


Case Study 1

Client: Ratesupermarket.com
Industry: credit card/mortgage arrrow-new

6 months of work
94,547 monthly visitors!
75 keywords at top 10 positions on Google
29 keywords at #1 position on Google
100’s of new leads!


Case Study 2

Client: drivers records
Industry: drivers records arrrow-new

6 months of work
77,468 monthly visitors!
85 keywords at top 10 positions on Google
25 keywords at #1 position on Google
100’s of new leads!


If my MDZ Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™ can get bottom-line results in those two blood-thirsty markets, I’m confident I can help you achieve your business goals as well.

Testimonials and case studies

This is the exact same strategy that has been responsible for me and my selected group of clients, earning millions of dollars a year online, selling hundreds of different products and services in different markets.

adrianTraffic is increasing at about 80% per month and has been for the last 2 months. Our rankings are increasing, also the number of keywords getting found on Google has also dramatically improved. Thanks Manny!”
Adrian Harrison, AJH Trade Group, ajhtrading.com.au
“…under 6 months we saw 77% of our keywords on page 1.

If your business has been struggling for rankings in a post panda/penguin world, then I can’t recommend MDZ highly enough”

Cris Sturrock, solutions3 ltd, SF, USA.
Heather Eazar63% increase in website leads and 61% increase in email subscribers!

Before you hire an SEO who will use risky and ineffective tricks on your site, please give Manny a shot. His strategy really really works!”

Heather Eazar«CEO of a Resumes online provider, Cincinnati, OH.»

Here Are Just A Few of Our Happy Clients:


As this overview has shown, The MDZ Custom Online Marketing Blueprint™ is not about best-practice page elements; it’s a process of activities that encompass a wide range of disciplines. Although it sounds less appealing than applying “magic buttons,” we don’t know of an easier, more reliable way to grow an online business.

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