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The MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ is significantly different from what most SEO providers are doing. It doesn’t involve shoot-from-the-hip guesswork, and it doesn’t use shady-short-term tactics.

Old-fashion SEOs focus on getting low quality links, shady-short-term tricks, do not have a clear, and systematic process of growing your business and can get your business in trouble in the long run.

Other problems with old-fashion SEOs is that they focus on getting you visitors from search engines only but that is only 20% to 30% of the total traffic you can go after.

We do things differently. We utilize a proven and systematic process to create a formidable and efficient traffic machine that does not rely on Google alone, actually, it focus on getting you high quality traffic from more than 24 free traffic sources. And while most SEOs focus on getting you “links”, our strategy focus on what matters the most to your business:

To put more money in your bank account by getting you high quality traffic, leads and a constant flow of new customers!

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MDZ 5-Step Strategy™ taps your website into a whole universe of traffic that most SEO consultants don’t know how to access.

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