Just How Much Business Does Your Website Generate For You?

“Get Higher Rankings, More Visitors, And More Sales With This Proven 5-Step
Complete Internet Marketing Strategy”

Best part? Once set up, all this happens on complete autopilot…


Dear Business Owner,

You’ve poured hundreds… if not thousands… of dollars into building the “perfect” website to market your products and services.

Yet you lay awake at night, wondering to yourself… after all that expense and effort…“Why Doesn’t My Website Deliver More Business?”

Every single day there are people searching for your products or services online, they are ready to buy, but something is keeping them from dealing with you. Instead, they are going to your competitor’s website.

So what is that mysterious roadblock keeping you from making more sales and growing your business? The answer is simple…

The Problem Is Your Online Marketing Strategy!

You may have hired someone to help you with some sort of “spammy” SEO, who promised to get some kind of links and rankings. But do you really care about that? or do you prefer to get internet visitors that converts into leads, get more sales, and grow your business?

Also, by only doing SEO (search engine optimization) – which counts for only 20% of the overall internet visitors – you are getting your internet visitors from one source. What happens if you lose your rankings in Google? your business will suffer! So, not only you are putting all your eggs in one basket, but are missing on the other 80% of potential visitors.

Listen, if you want a complete and proven marketing strategy to quickly generate more visitors, more leads, and more sales, then you need to hire an expert who actually has a tested and proven strategy!

This Is How We Build Your Traffic Generating Machine!

We do things differently. This is where almost every other business in our industry falls short. They rush to a diagnosis before examining the patient!

1) Analysis Phase:

We learn about you – your goals, your biggest pains and needs, your audience, your market, and even spy on your competitors.

Site audit – we make sure your site has the technical foundation to succeed online and find and fix any errors that will give you immediate results.

Keyword research – We’ll use our proven process to find keywords that will improve the quantity and quality of your visitors. The right keywords can attract customers who have wallets in hand to buy your product or service

Analyze your competitors – to find out what are they doing right that we can copy, and what they are doing wrong that we can take advantage of.

2) Strategy Design Phase:

After we gather all this competitive intelligence, we roll-up our sleeves and get to work. We utilize a proven and comprehensive system to design a complete internet marketing strategy that matches your needs, your goals, your competition, and your budget and that focuses on what matters most to business owners…

To Get More Visitors, More Leads, And More Sales!

3) Complete Internet Traffic Strategy:

Here is where we create your traffic machine, a system that will bring you the most visitors that are looking for you online, from as many sources as possible (not only from search engines). This system is like traffic pipelines that will pump visitors to your website. Best part? Once set up, all this happens on autopilot!

4) Lead Generation And Nurturing Strategy:

Not all traffic converts to sales on their first visit. We can help you create a strategy that captures their names, emails, phone numbers and other information, add these leads to a database, then with a series of auto-responders (pre-programmed emails) we help you bring them back over and over until they become your clients. This is the secret weapon that many successful business do online to maximize their marketing and improve their overall ROI.

5) Analytics Strategy:

Would you fly blindfolded? Of course not! neither do we, that is why we use the best analytics software that can tell us exactly how many people come to your site, which keywords they used to find your site, what pages they visit the most, what pages they exit the most from, how long they stay, etc etc. This information is gold! and it helps us to improve on how we do things, find new opportunities of traffic, and increase your ROI. The best part is, we can give you access to this so you can take a look at how we are performing and how your marketing is improving your business. How is that for transparency?

Results You May Experience

Imagine scanning your website’s traffic stats and finding a constant flow of new visitors. Imagine your phone ringing off the hook with new business. Imagine finding your email inbox overflowing with new orders.

More and more prospects ready, willing, and able to buy your product or service… your business growing month-by-month… along with the ever-expanding pile of cash gushing into your bank account!

Now…imagine all of this happening on AUTOPILOT!

What would this mean for your business? For your health? For your family?

Well, you can stop imagining… because this system can now be yours!

We have created the same traffic system for many business owners of all sizes, from small to large corporations, from business-to-business to ecommerce sites. Our system has been successful in many industries and in many countries, such as the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and many other places.


Contact Us or CALL NOW 1-800-672-9716 to get your free “Consistent Flow of Clients” strategy session. During that free strategy session I will answer all your questions and explain to you my proven and tested complete marketing strategy and how it can help you: get more traffic, capture more leads, and grow your business.

Listen, the fact is… most of the run-of-the-mill, “off-the-shelf”, cheap $197 a month SEO firms only promise you to get you some backlinks or optimize your pages with some “tags”. If you think that is what your business deserves, then fine that is your choice to make, but if you want to finally get a proper, complete, proven internet marketing strategy that will focus on getting you the most traffic possible, from as many sources as possible, help you get leads, grow your business and increase the cash flow into your bank account, then…

Call Us Now Before Your Competitors Do…

We can only accommodate a limited number of clients per month. And you’ll get an exclusivity agreement, which means we are not going to accept your competitors in your local area.

What other business development company would agree to do this?

(WARNING…many other SEO companies do take more than one client per market).

So, it is important to call me immediately to make sure you get in ahead of your competitors!

If you’d like to get results, get more internet traffic, more clients, more sales, grow your business and avoid wasting your time and money…

Contact Us or CALL NOW 1-800-672-9716 to get your free “Consistent Flow of Clients” strategy session.

On this totally free strategy session, I’ll take you through a process that will show you: the 5 cornerstones to fast growth, the proven strategy to an automatic and “Consistent Flow of Clients”, the unlimited traffic technique to legally (and ethically) borrow visitors from your competition, and how to tap Into 24+ Free, Little-Known Traffic Pipelines. You’ll leave with a handful of golden ideas you can use immediately to grow your business, whether you partner with us or not.

You won’t be talking to a salesman. So don’t worry about a high-pressure, in your face experience. If you haven’t caught on by now… that’s just not who we are, actually, you can put your credit card away, I am only going to explain to you how all this work, why, and how and answer all your questions so you can make an educated decision when you are ready to hire a company for your online marketing.

You’ll be talking to an entrepreneur, a business owner, an actual internet marketing strategist who can help you TODAY.

CALL NOW! 1-800-672-9716

Heather Eazar

“Not only did MDZ help me overcome my fear of marketing, but they showed me exactly where my advertising dollars were being wasted and which areas were more profitable than others. My business now has a 77% better ROI than before.”

«CEO of a Resumes online provider, Cincinnati, OH.»

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While Others Offer To Rank You For A Few Keywords,
We Focus On What Matters Most To You: Growing Your Business, Giving You A Constant Flow Of Visitors, And Putting Money Into Your Bank Account!

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I am not a sales person, I am an entrepreneur, a business owner, an actual internet marketing strategist who can help you TODAY.

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