For The First Time EVER: Online Marketing Strategist Manny Zarate Has “Stuffed” his Most Effective Strategies & Techniques Into One Strategy:

“Discover Why ‘The Ultimate Traffic Generation Machine’ Is The Kind of Online Marketing Strategy That My Most Successful Business Owners Trust and Put Their Money Into–To Attract Their IDEAL Customers And Clients, Boost Their Income, And Create A Sustainable Business!”


I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this letter — it IS that important…


Dear Business Owner,

Hang with me here. And I promise I’ll take you beyond just another trick or two that “might” bump up rankings on a web site temporarily…or that everybody is excited about momentarily…

…And I want to show you a strategy that you can quickly begin using today to flood your pipeline with more customers and clients.

Best part: you’ll be able to make significantly more money and once set up Brings In YOUR Ideal Customers, Clients and Patients Like Clockwork. And it doesn’t matter what business you are in.

Believe me, this can boost your income now and more importantly, grow your business to an entirely new level.

BUT FIRST Let’s talk about a big problem

It can be every business owner’s reoccurring nightmare.

You’ve poured hundreds… if not thousands… of dollars into building the “perfect” website to market your products and services.

Yet you lay awake at night, wondering to yourself… after all that expense and effort…

“Why In The World Doesn’t My Website
Deliver More Business?”


There is a limitless supply of traffic… every single day… and they’re searching for your products or services online.

They are ready to buy, but…

…there’s something holding them back. Something is keeping them from dealing with you. Instead, they are going to your competitor’s website!

So what is that mysterious roadblock keeping you from making more sales and growing your business? The answer is simple…

It’s Your Online Marketing Strategy!


Let me tell you about the “syndrome” that has plagued the SEO and online marketing industry for years.

Business owners put up websites every day without a proper online marketing strategy-and then expect people to just magically show up and automatically do business with them.

You see, in the past few years, the Internet space has been overrun with smart marketers trotting out new trick after new trick after new trick, new media platforms, new software, new moneymaking doohickeys…

You’ve probably heard these things in various sales pitches:

  • Get lots of “page one” Google rankings…
  • Collect scads of “backlinks” to your site…
  • Land scores of “Likes” and “Friends” via social media such as Facebook…
  • Make your site “pretty” with lots of fancy graphics…
  • Install this, that, and the other latest and greatest “shiny objects” of the day to make your site stand out.


Perhaps you’ve worked with some of these “internet marketing gurus.” You’ve taken their advice, and let them work their marketing “hocus-pocus” on your website.

If so…

How Did THAT Work Out For You?


There are just so many myths, misconceptions, miscommunications… and outright lies out there that can totally destroy your business.

If there’s one thing that I’ve discovered in my 12+ years of generating leads and sales on the internet for businesses at all levels… it’s that there are critical Internet Marketing Fundamentals (corner stones) that MUST be in place and done properly.


Miss out on this, and you could be forever BANNED from achieving the success and prosperity you deserve. You’ll constantly bounce around from website “expert” to website “expert”…hoping and praying that THIS PERSON is finally going to “magically” help you get more rankings, leads or customers.


Listen: the worst thing you can do is assume you just need to have a pretty website and do some kind of SEO, links here, social something there, a little of this or that.


So instead, how about this…


The Ultimate Traffic Generation Machine



We do things differently. We utilize a proven and comprehensive system to design a complete internet marketing system for you. While many SEO firms focus on technical benchmarks like rankings for X or Y keywords, or page hits, our system focus on what matter the most to business owners:


To increase cash flow to your bank account.


“Our focus is making Business Owners and Marketing Managers look like the HEROES. We work behind the scenes and they get the credit.”

In order to do this, we make sure your business has in place the 5 critical components that over the past 12 years and based on thousands of hours of research and real life case studies has proven that it is the best way to grow a business:

  • Make Sure Your Site Has The Technical Foundation To Succeed.
  • Drive Massive Amounts of Qualified Traffic To Your Website.
  • Lead Generation And Nurturing Strategy: capture and convert.
  • Improve Your Sales Funnel through Conversion Optimization.
  • Analytics Strategy: Test, Track and Finding Gaps and Opportunities

This is the same system we implemented for one of our clients to get 94,000 visitors and 100′s of leads per month, and for many clients around the world. Today it is your turn to take the next step that will have a big impact on your business.

And imagine how easier it’ll make on your life—and how much extra income you’ll be able to use to pay some bills, add more overhead to your operation, or just make it easier to sleep for a change…

Finally, just imagine if someone has been able to create the perfect online marketing strategy, one that is simple to understand, has been tested on the toughest markets for many years to make sure it works, and that it is a 100%-done-for-you type of service that you can just hire, see it evolve and then enjoy the results…

“Manny Zarate is Responsible For More Rankings And Traffic Being Generated Online than Most…IF NOT ALL…the “Gurus” You Associate with the Internet”

seo toronto

6 months of work
94,547 monthly visitors!
75 keywords at top 10 positions on Google!
29 keywords at #1 position on Google!
100′s of new leads!
In a super competitive market!

If you want to sell a product or service successfully, one proven method is to do precisely what successful people in your industry have done.

The most successful business people bend over backwards to find, hire, and keep the highest quality SEO/Online Marketing Strategy.

It’s a pretty simple equation: great strategy = money.

As a business analyst, I can tell you that Manny’s strategy is, by far, the clearest path to business success I’ve seen.”

Daniel De Leon, Business Analyst , Toronto, CANADA
adrianTraffic is increasing at about 80% per month and has been for the last 2 months. Our rankings are increasing, also the number of keywords getting found on Google has also dramatically improved. Thanks Manny!”
Adrian Harrison, AJH Trade Group,
MDZ used their online marketing strategy to get us ranked #1 and helped us grow our business. I honestly didn’t think it could be done.”
Cris Sturrock, solutions3 ltd, SF, USA.

If you compare my pricing to what another SEO might charge, I may seem expensive. But is that SEO an expert? Is that SEO A TRUE entrepreneur who understands what a business needs and has a PROVEN ability to grow a business online? Before you hire a ‘cheap’ SEO, Think how much does your business matters to you.

But I Want To Make You An Offer
That You Can’t Refuse!

We know that we need to earn your trust, you may have been burned and lied to by other “SEOs wanna-bees”, and you do not want to waste your time and money on someone that does not know what they are doing, so…

Complete Digital Strategy

Now have a chance to take a 30-day-risk-free trial so you can get to know me better, see how I work, my philosophy, and during this time we are going to take care of a few important things such as the keyword research, site audit, competitors research, and making sure we find all the things that may be preventing your site from ranking well and converting visitors into clients. All of this for FREE, no credit card, and all we ask is that you are serious about growing your business and willing to give me a chance to prove what I can do for your business, fair?

Call Me Now Before Your Competitors
Take Your Place…

We can only accommodate a limited number of clients per month. And we offer an exclusivity agreement, which means we are not going to accept two clients on the same niche in the same local area.

So, it is important to call me immediately to make sure you get in ahead of your competitors!

If you’d like to get more internet traffic, more clients, more sales, grow your business and avoid wasting your time and money…

Contact Us or CALL NOW 1-800-672-9716 to get your 100% done for you online marketing strategy..


Free Gift

The “Ultimate Traffic System”

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Serious Growth Starts Here…

You Have a Simple—and Potentially Profitable—Choice

You can view your online marketing as a commodity and you can choose the lowest cost SEO who does not have a proven and tested strategy…and watch your sales suffer…
You can hire me to build my tested and proven strategy and gain a team member who can help you drive more traffic at lower cost, generate more qualified leads, and get more ideal clients from the web…and grow your business…

…for a FRACTION of the cost it would cost you after hire and fire so many wanna-bees.

I’m confident you’ll make the right choice and trust this VITAL part of your business to a proven online marketing strategist.

Contact me to request a FREE, no-obligation Online Marketing Diagnostic Interview. As a result of this session, you’ll come away with specific recommendations for solving your most pressing online marketing challenges and adding money to your bank account.

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Many of our clients were hesitant at first to take advantage of this call. They figured they would be in for some cheesy sales pitch.

Give me a call and together we will get you pointed in the right direction.


Or if you prefer, leave your name and phone number for us and I will call you back, personally.

Best regards,
Manny Zarate
President of MDZ

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Free Gift

The “Ultimate Traffic System”

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