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Dear Frustrated Business Owner,

Do you feel like you are missing the one piece of the puzzle that will turn your website into a lead generation machine and will grow your business?

Are you frustrated with your current SEO, the lack of a clear strategy and poor results?

Are you afraid of hiring the wrong SEO company that will use spammy tactics that may not only waste your time and money, may not work long term, but also may get you penalized and damage your business?

You Are Not Alone!

It can be every business owner’s reoccurring nightmare.

You’ve poured hundreds… if not thousands… of dollars into building the “perfect” website, you have a great product or service, you’ve paid a talented designer to create a sleek, appealing site. May be you have great customer service, great prices and you are the best at what you do.

Yet you lay awake at night, wondering to yourself… after all that expense and effort…

“Why In The World Doesn’t My Website
Deliver More Business?”


There is a limitless supply of traffic… every single day… and they’re searching for your products or services and are ready to buy, but…

…there’s something holding them back. Something is keeping them from dealing with you. Instead, they are going to your competitor’s website!

So what is that mysterious roadblock?

It’s Your Online Marketing Strategy!

You see, in the past few years, the Internet space has been overrun with smart marketers trotting out new trick after new trick after new trick, new media platforms, new software, new moneymaking doohickeys…

You’ve probably heard these things in various sales pitches:

  • Get lots of “page one” Google rankings…
  • Collect scads of “backlinks” to your site…
  • Land scores of “Likes” and “Friends” via social media such as Facebook…
  • Make your site “pretty” with lots of fancy graphics…
  • Install this, that, and the other latest and greatest “shiny objects” of the day to make your site stand out.


Perhaps you’ve worked with some of these “internet marketing gurus.” You’ve taken their advice, and let them work their marketing “hocus-pocus” on your website. And how do that worked for you?

What about this instead…

Time Is Money. Get Your SEO Done Right!

The Ultimate Traffic Generation Machine



This is the NEXT-GENERATION IN ONLINE MARKETING. It’s a complete online marketing strategy that will transform your website into a TRAFFIC GENERATING MACHINE that will Flood Your Web Site With Red-Hot Visitors Who Are Eager To Buy Your Products & Services.

In order to do this, we make sure your business has in place the 5 critical components that over the past 12 years and based on thousands of hours of research and real life case studies has proven that it is the best way to grow a business:

  • We Make Sure Your Site Has No Technical Errors.
  • We Improve Your Website Authority & Website Trust.
  • We Build an Internal Network of Traffic Generating Channels.
  • We Transform Your Website into a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem (it feeds itself, doesn’t rely on external sources & it’s immune to Google’s changes).
  • Analytics Strategy: Test, Track and Finding Gaps and Opportunities.


Learn How This Client Used Our Strategy to Increase Their Traffic to over 94,000/Mth

The Challenge

Our cliented wanted to increase their online rankings and traffic for 4 very competitive niches: mortgage rates, GICs, credit cards, and savings accounts.

The mortgage rates and credit cards market is not only tough due to the number of websites trying to be top 10 in Google (mortgage rates has 270,000,000 of sites trying to be #1, while credit cards has 536,000,000), but also that these companies are investing very high amount of money per month (over $50k), and our budget was much smaller. The other challenge was that the top competitors where the top banks in the country, big corporations with many years trying to gain top rankings and the biggest SEO firms working for them.

The Strategy

We used our SEO 5-step strategy to create a complete SEO system that would bring the rankings and traffic that the client wanted. We divided the strategy into 5 phases:

1) We first fixed any technical problems their site may have that would stop them from ranking well.

2) We used increased their site’s authority and trust as explained above.

3) We then created a huge internal network of pages using our FA&LLA strategy. These pages helped to increased the authority, Pagerank, anchor text distribution, site indexing and crawlability and it got their top, secondary and 3rd level keywords ranking which in turn flood their site with visitors.

4) We then created a linking network that will keep the system going strong, we did this with our 3-layer linking strategy. This helped them to keep all their pages strong and ranking well.

5) Finally, we used analytics tools to find new opportunities, gaps, new keywords to go after, what pages to improved, etc.

The Results

The ROI from our activities was astronomical, 78 of their top keywords made it to top 10 in Google, 52 keywords made it to top 3 and many were #1, their traffic increased to 94,000 visitors per month! and their site had 100’s of pages that were a source of rankings and traffic. Overall, this was an amazing result which was possible even with a lower budget than what the competition had at their disposal.

“Manny Zarate is Responsible For More Rankings And Traffic Being Generated Online than Most…IF NOT ALL…the “Gurus” You Associate with the Internet”

seo toronto

6 months of work
94,547 monthly visitors!
75 keywords at top 10 positions on Google!
29 keywords at #1 position on Google!
100’s of new leads!
In a super competitive market!

If you want to sell a product or service successfully, one proven method is to do precisely what successful people in your industry have done.

The most successful business people bend over backwards to find, hire, and keep the highest quality SEO/Online Marketing Strategy.

It’s a pretty simple equation: great strategy = money.

Manny’s 5-Step strategy turns your website into a printing press for money. It’s that effective!

As a business analyst, I can tell you that Manny’s strategy is, by far, the clearest path to business success I’ve seen.”

Daniel De Leon, Business Analyst , Toronto, CANADA
“In my business we made the decision to offload the SEO work to a trusted company, real experts in the field. The key phrase being ‘trusted’. If your business has been struggling for rankings in a post panda/penguin world, then I can’t recommend MDZ highly enough”
Cris Sturrock, solutions3 ltd, SF, USA.
adrianTraffic is increasing at about 80% per month and has been for the last 2 months. Our rankings are increasing, also the number of keywords getting found on Google has also dramatically improved. Thanks Manny!”
Adrian Harrison, AJH Trade Group, ajhtrading.com.au

If you compare my pricing to what another SEO might charge, I may seem expensive. But is that SEO an expert? Is that SEO A TRUE entrepreneur who understands what a business needs and has a PROVEN ability to grow a business online? Before you hire a ‘cheap’ SEO, Think how much does your business matters to you.

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